Is your product licensed in Canada?

Yes this product is licensed as a natural health product by Health Canada.

What is the main ingredient?

Each oral capsule contains 1.5mg of cytisine.

How many bottles will I need to quit smoking?

Each bottle contains the full 25 day treatment.

When do I quit smoking?

You should reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke gradually over the first few days of treatment and quit smoking by the 5th day of treatment.

What are the directions?

The dosing is 1 capsule 6 times daily every 2 hrs with a corresponding reduction of the number of cigarettes smoked for the first 3 days.

• 4th to 12th day: 1 capsule every 2.5hrs ( 5 capsules daily )

• 13th to 16th day: 1 capsule every 3hrs ( 4 capsules daily )

• 17th to 20th day: 1 capsule every 5hrs ( 3 capsules daily )

• 21st to 25th day: 1 to 2 capsules daily

Smoking cessation should occur by the 5th day after the initiation of treatment.

Are there any side effects?

The most common side effects from clinical trials were nausea, stomach upset, and sleep disturbances.

Where are the bottles manufactured?

Each bottle is proudly manufactured in Canada and zpharm is a 100% Canadian owned company.